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Sakai Cutlery

Sakai, a merchant town that flourished as the center of the “Nanban trade” in the 1500s, still preserves many of its traditional crafts. Prominent among them is the 600-year-old art of cutlery-making. Nothing cuts quite like a hardened steel Sakai knife, and just about every chef in Japan swears by them. A nice, sharp kitchen knife is a must-have for every new household. What better way to start than with your own genuine handmade Sakai blade?

Try your hand at sharpening and handle-crafting

Among the many cutlery shops in Sakai, there’s one that lets you make your own. The artisans at Wada Shoten offer lectures and real hands-on experiences in knife-making, including sharpening and handle-crafting. Not only can you take home your own handmade knife, the sharpening skills you learn will help you keep it in top condition. The shop also provides a monogramming service to create a truly personalized knife you can use for years to come – the perfect tool for budding amateur chefs.

Sakai Cutlery Museum

Want to know more about Sakai knives? The Sakai Cutlery Museum, located on the second floor of the Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum, is your place. Explore the wide world of cutlery through pictures, videos, and exhibits featuring a dazzling array of knives. The museum shop also sells high-quality and professional-grade knives. Be sure to check out the demonstration corner on the first floor!

The Sakai Alphonse Mucha Museum at the Sakai City Cultural Center

This museum features numerous works spanning the full career of Alphonse Mucha, a leading painter of the Art Nouveau school in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Enjoy kurumimochi from storied local confectioner Kanbukuro

The name of these tasty treats comes from the way the mochi rice cakes are smothered in sweet bean paste. They’re a traditional Sakai delicacy dating from the days of the Nanban trade in the 1500s.


Location/Access 1-1-1 Shinmeicho-higashi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka-fu (Wada Shoten)

About 26m by Nankai Main Line limited express train or 40m by JR rapid train from Kansai International Airport to Sakai Station → about 15m walk from Sakai Station
Contact info Wada Shoten

Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum
(Sakai Cutlery Museum)


Sakai Alphonse Mucha Museum

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