Bring a splash of color into your springtime with a bingata experience

Celebrate the new season with a make-your-own trip!

Bingata dyeing

Bingata dyeing is a traditional Okinawan craft dating from the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom. It was used in the ceremonial garbs of royalty and nobility, as well as in costumes for dancers who entertained Chinese imperial emissaries. Its greatest appeal lies in the vivid colors and alluring traditional patterns reminiscent of its subtropical origins. Today, bingata designs appear in kimonos and in more casual items like T-shirts and household goods. Okinawa Island offers a plethora of workshops that offer hands-on experience in this traditional art.

Express yourself with your own bingata design!

Shuri Ryusen, located near Shuri Castle, offers hands-on bingata experiences. Choose from the workshop’s selection of dye stencils and start adding color. Workshop staff will guide you up through the dying process; you can save the finishing touches like color-fixing and starch removal for when you get home. Creating a one-of-a-kind bingata item with your own unique design is sure to bring a splash of vivid color to your new life.

Image courtesy of Rikka Dokka Okinawa Navi

Explore the history of Shuri Castle’s traditional pattern inlays

Shuri Castle, the Ryukyu Kingdom’s seat of power, is a World Heritage Site. Among the castle’s resplendent buildings and exhibits, you’ll find countless traditional patterns and carvings reminiscent of bingata designs: phoenixes, peonies, long-tailed chickens. Visit Shuri Castle after a hands-on bingata experience and you’ll enjoy it on a whole new level, as your eyes are drawn naturally to the intricate details of the castle’s magnificent decorations.

Okinawa zenzai, a chilly treat

In Okinawa, zenzai – a Japanese red bean soup – is enjoyed cold. It’s most commonly eaten with plenty of shaved ice piled on top of the brown sugar-sweetened beans. Each shop offers its own special mix of toppings.

PANZA Okinawa

Seaside resort lovers should check out PANZA Okinawa in Onna Village. It offers activities such as a zipline that lets you zoom 250 meters across the sea on a special harness.


Location/Access 1-54 Shuriyamagawacho, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken (Shuri Ryusen)

About 27m by Yui Rail from Naha Airport to Shuri Station → Bus from Shuri Station to “Shuri Koko-mae” or “Yamagawa” bus stop → about 3m walk
Contact info Shuri Ryusen

PANZA Okinawa

Naha City Tourism Association

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