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Kojima Jeans

The Japanese jeans industry was born in the 1960s in the Kojima district of Kurashiki. Today, that district is known as the Mecca of Japanese jeans. Pass through a curtain made of jeans and you’ll find yourself on Kojima Jeans Street, a roughly 400m stretch lined with local jeans manufacturers’ shops. It’s a popular destination for foreign tourists who come in search of high-quality, original Japanese denim. There’s even a workshop where you can experience the jeans-making process. It’s a denim-lover’s dream come true!

Create your own one-of-a-kind jeans

Have you ever wished you could customize your jeans with your own personal touch? Now you can – at the visitors’ workshop of Betty Smith, a venerable Japanese jeans maker located about 10 minutes by car from Jeans Street. You’ll use industry-grade machines to add your favorite buttons, rivets, and leather patches to a blank pair of jeans. Once the workshop staff add the finishing touches, they’ll be ready for you to wear home.

Jeans taxi: fun to look at, fun to ride in

Everywhere you look, the Kojima district of Kurashiki is decorated with denim-inspired designs and colors. Perhaps the supreme example is the jeans taxi (operated by Akebono Taxis) cruising up and down the streets. There’s only one of these super-rare taxis in all of Kurashiki, so consider yourself lucky if you manage to get a ride. Just seeing it in action is a treat in itself.

Mizushima industrial district at night

While in Kurashiki, don’t miss the nighttime spectacle of Mizushima industrial district! Set against the backdrop of the Inland Sea, it’s been named one of Japan’s top 100 nighttime scenes. If you’re looking for a place to sit and watch, the skyline of Washuzan is your best bet. You can also visit some of the factories in the daytime.

Denim buns

Denim-colored meat buns?! The striking blue color is produced by a dye made from gardenia flowers, and the delicious pork filling comes from Berkshire pigs. You can find them on Kurashiki Denim Street.


Location/Access Ajino, Kojima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-ken
(Kojima Jeans Street)

About 1h50m by airport bus from Okayama Airport to Kojima Station → about 15m walk from Kojima Station
Contact info Kojima Jeans Street Tourism Council Office

Betty Smith

Akebono Taxi Company

Okayama Tourism Union

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