Take a class in eyeglass-making in the spectacle town of Sabae!

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Fukui Prefecture is the center of Japan’s eyeglass industry, producing over 90% of its frames. Especially prominent is the city of Sabae, home to numerous eyeglass factories. It was here in the 1980s that the first light, durable titanium frames were developed, thrusting the region and its world-class technology into the spotlight. Sabae also has a number of workshops offering hands-on eyeglass-making experiences; the Megane Museum is a particularly popular spot. If you’re getting ready to start a new life, an original, handmade pair of eyeglasses might just be the perfect accessory.

Create your own original eyeglasses

The Megane Museum’s visitors’ workshop offers an eyeglass making class (reservation required). Participants get the full eyeglass-making experience, choosing from a variety of plastic base frames and cutting and filing them into shape with tailored guidance from professional eyeglass artisans. The pros then add the finishing touches, and in about a month a pair of original, one-of-a-kind glasses arrives at your doorstep. You’ll never want to take them off!

Hunt for the hidden eyeglass motifs around town

The so-called “Eyeglass Street” stretching from JR Sabae Station to the Megane Museum is decorated with numerous eyeglass motifs. The eyeglass-shaped sculptures are obvious, but look a little closer and you’ll discover little eyeglasses hidden in benches, tree boxes, manhole covers, and many other places. Hunting for these hidden motifs is a fun way to experience the streets of Sabae.

Image courtesy of Sunchi (https://sunchi.jp)

See the azaleas of Nishiyama Park

Sabae’s Nishiyama Park has the best azalea garden in the Hokuriku region. The park hosts an Azalea Festival every year in early May, when the flowers are in full bloom.

Sanroku salad-yaki, a Sabae delicacy

Sanroku Shoten’s signature salad-yaki combines sweet imagawayaki crust with mayonnaise, radish sprouts, ham, and other savory ingredients in one delectable package. To Sabae locals, this is soul food.


Location/Access 2-3-4 Shinyokoe, Sabae-shi, Fukui-ken (Megane Museum)

About 1h10m by airport bus from Komatsu Airport to Sabae Station → about 10m walk from Sabae Station
Contact info Megane Museum

Sanroku Shoten

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