Immerse yourself in the cool green shadow of Bise’s fukugi trees

Venture inside…to discover new worlds!

The Fukugi Trees of Bise

The community of Bise, on Okinawa Island’s Motobu Peninsula, is a checkerboard cluster of about 250 houses surrounded by a forest of fukugi trees. The trees’ thick leaves form tunnels of brilliant green that shield those below from Okinawa’s blazing sun. The air is cool and refreshing even on the hottest summer days. It’s only a short walk from the popular Churaumi Aquarium, so why not stop by?

The fukugi forest, protector of Bise

Walking through the tunnels of fukugi trees is like being suspended in time, cut off from the outside world by the thick canopy of leaves. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the greenery punctuated by glimpses of brilliant Okinawa sun and sea. The word “fukugi” means “tree of good fortune,” and the trees are considered auspicious under the principles of feng shui, which is widely practiced in Okinawa. They also serve as a windbreak against typhoons and were planted in large numbers around seaside communities. Bise still boasts a large number of red-tiled traditional Okinawan houses and tens of thousands of fukugi trees, preserving the old-style charm of Okinawa.

Beyond the forest, an emerald green sea

Emerge from the fukugi forest, and you’ll find a brilliant emerald green sea! The juxtaposition of cool green shadows with shimmering waters is part of Bise’s allure. Enjoy the crisp breezes at a café in one of the traditional houses, or admire the fearsome lion dog statues on the rooftops, or head down to the beach to collect seashells – there are a hundred different ways to spend your day in Bise.

Sunset behind Ie Island: a sight for sore eyes

The silhouette of Ie Island, rising out of the sea near Bise, is a lovely sight indeed. But you can do more than just look – a ferry can take you there from the port of Motobu.

Motobu’s famous acerola fruits

At the end of a hard day’s exploring, there’s nothing like a glass of vitamin C-rich acerola juice. Motobu is a noted producer of these fruits. During the summer acerola harvest season, you can even go pick some yourself.


Location/Access Bise, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
About 2hour 20minutes by express bus or about 1h 30m by car (expressway) from Naha Airport
Inquiries Motobu Tourism Association
TEL 0980-47-3641

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