Enjoy a breath of fresh, green air behind a roaring waterfall

Venture inside…to discover new worlds!

Nabegataki Falls

Have you ever wanted to look behind a waterfall and see what lies beyond? Look no further than Nabegataki Falls, in Kumamoto Prefecture’s Oguni Town. Follow the path behind the rushing water to discover a hidden sanctuary among the rocks. Vibrant green trees peek through the curtain of the falls, splashed with shafts of water-speckled sunlight. It’s truly a soul-cleansing experience for all who visit.

A cool, refreshing space, sheltered from the outside world

Make your way through the narrow gap at the edge of the falls and you’ll find yourself in a cool, dark space filled with the roar of the waterfall. Here, sheltered behind the curtain of water, it’s easy to forget the blistering heat of summer, and hard to drag yourself away. The wax and wane of the water’s flow create a panoply of views of the luxurious green world outside. But watch your step on the slippery rock floor; we recommend wearing sneakers.

The 90,000-year history of Nabegataki Falls

The falls are 10 meters high and 20 meters wide. They’re believed to have been formed around 90,000 years ago in a massive eruption of Mt. Aso, and gradually took its current form over the eons. The rock behind the falls is softer than the rock above it, and the flow of the water continues to erode it, changing its shape bit by bit. The greenery of the dense woods and mossy rocks surrounding the falls accentuates the beauty of the white, threadlike streams of cascading water.

Konogawa Bridge, part of the old JNR Miyanohara Line

The abandoned railway tracks of the old JNR Miyanohara Line offer a fascinating walking experience. The Konogawa Bridge, built using bamboo rather than steel, is a registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan.

Red Wagyu Donburi, a local delicacy of Aso

The “Red Wagyu,” a rare breed of wagyu cattle raised on the rolling pastures of Aso, are known for their exceptionally tender beef. Donburi (beef-and-rice bowl) made with Red Wagyu is a popular local dish.


Location/Access Kurobuchi, Oguni-cho, Aso-gun, Kumamoto (Nabegataki Park)
About 1hour 30minutes from Kumamoto Airport by car (rental)
Opening hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (last admission: 4:30 pm)
Inquiries Oguni Town Hall, Information Dept., Commerce and Tourism Section
TEL 0967-46-2113

Ufufu Restaurant (Red Wagyu)
TEL 0967-44-0651

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