Spring “Heart Tour”, strolling the romantic Nagasaki

“Heart hunting” trips in the season for love

Megane Bridge

In the Nagasaki dialect, the word “saruku” means “strolling about”. While there are plenty of attractive tourist spots in Nagasaki, in recent years it has become popular to stroll about the stone walls, stone pavements and walkways of Nagasaki searching for heart motifs scattered around the city. The place to start is the river dike near “Megane Bridge” (Spectacles Bridge), where you may find the hidden heart stones.

Japan’s oldest stone arch bridge

”Megane Bridge” is the oldest arch bridge in Japan. It is said that the Zen master Mokusu Nyojo, the second chief priest of Kofukuji Temple, built it in 1623 for pilgrims visiting the temple. Since the two arches that reflect on the surface of the river look just like a pair of eyeglasses, it was given the name “Megane (eyeglasses) Bridge”.

The heart stones in the river dike by Nakashima River

Megane Bridge is on the Nakashima River. A story tells that the heart stones buried into the stone wall of the river dike were put there in 1983 by playful workmen at the time that the Nakashima River was undergoing repair work following damage from a big flood in Nagasaki. Among the stones, there are heart-shaped ones that are not man-made. As the number is uncertain, it has been said that “if you find a heart stone, it will bring true love”.

Chirin-Chirin ice cream

In Japanese, “chirin-chirin” is the sound of a jingling bell. In Nagasaki there is a specialty called “Chirin-Chirin Ice Cream” because it is sold by people with mobile street stalls who ring bells. It is a simple classic ice cream that is loved by the people of Nagasaki, together with the nostalgic mobile street stalls.

Glover Garden

Glover Garden is a popular sightseeing spot where you can enjoy Western-style houses built from the end of the Tokugawa shogunate to the beginning of the Meiji Era. The old Glover Residence has been registered as a World Heritage Site. Two heart-shaped paving stones have been laid in the stone pavement of the garden. Can you find them out?


Location/Access Between Uonomachi and Suwamachi of Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken (Megane Bridge)
About 45 minutes by limousine bus from Nagasaki Airport to Nagasaki Station → 4 minutes from Nagasaki Station by tram going to "Hotarujaya" → Get off at "Kokaido-Mae" and walk about 8 minutes.
Inquiries TEL 095-825-5175
(Multilingual Call Center for Foreign Travelers about Nagasaki City)

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