Dream time at Ise-Shima, with the view of heart-shaped inlet

“Heart hunting” trips in the season for love


How about going on a spring journey to Ise-Shima where the sunlight falls on the beautiful seascape? We highly recommend the Ukura Garden in the town of Minami-Ise with four observatories of different views. The Mieshima Observatory is especially popular with couples, as you can see Kasaragiike, which is commonly known as the “heart-shaped inlet”, right below your eyes.

The “Lover’s Sanctuary” view from the Mieshima Observatory

At Ukura Garden in Minami-Ise there are four observatories – “Akebono Observatory”, “Mieshima Observatory”, “Kasaragi Observatory” and “Tachibana Observatory”, but the only one where you can see the heart-shaped Kasaragiike inlet is the Mieshima Observatory. The highly-acclaimed romantic view is like a miracle and was designated as a “Lover’s Sanctuary” in 2015.

The wide-open panorama at Nankai Observation Park

After enjoying the “heart-shaped inlet”, don’t miss the Nankai Observation Park located 150 meters above sea level in the same Minami-Ise area. From here you can see a 360-degree wide-open panorama. A sweeping and commanding view of the beautiful curve of Oka Niwa Beach, the nationally rare Oike lagoon, the complex Gokasho Bay and Kumanonada will be on the horizon.

Tokoroten, the specialty of Shima Area

Shima Area is surrounded by the bountiful sea, and is rich in agar, the raw ingredient for “tokoroten”. The specialty tokoroten is popular locally as a sweet with toppings of brown sugar syrup and roasted soybean flour.

Sea kayaking

As an activity in Minami-Ise, exhilarating sea kayaking is recommended. Feeling the sea breeze on your face, you can approach the scenic rias-type coast.


Location/Access Michiyukugama, Minami-Ise, Watarai-gun, Mie-ken (Mieshima Observatory)
About 30 minutes from Chubu International Airport to Nagoya Station by train (each line) → About 1 hour and 20 minutes by train (Kintetsu Express) from Nagoya Station to Iseshi Station → About 1 hour and 30 minutes by car (rental car) from Iseshi Station.
*Since the address is scattered landholdings, the name of the closest actual area is “Nayaura”. Within vehicle navigation search for “Ukura Garden”.
Inquiries Minami-Ise Tourism Association
TEL +81-599-66-1717

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