The powerful “Heart Cave Mouth” to the Pacific Ocean

“Heart hunting” trips in the season for love

Cape Ashizuri

At Cape Ashizuri, which protrudes from the southwest end of Kochi Prefecture, there are lots of “cave mouths” that have been made through the erosive action of the rough Pacific waves! Among these, there is “Hakusan Cave Mouth” at the tip of the cape that has become popular in recent years. In addition to the fact that the empty hole in the rock looks like a huge heart, since the rock just above the cave mouth emerges like the profile of a woman, it has gained a reputation as a location with mystical energy for success in love that is blessed by the goddess of the sea.

The largest granite sea cave in Japan

Amid the sound of crashing waves, “Hakusan Cave Mouth” is 16 meters high, 17 meters wide and 15 meters deep. It is the largest granite sea cave in Japan, and has been designated as a natural monument by Kochi Prefecture. You can feel its power by walking along the path right next to it. On sunny days, beyond the heart-shaped cavity, you can see the grand Pacific Ocean and the blue sky.

Enjoying the coastal nature walk

Looking down on “Hakusan Cave Mouth” from high ground, the scenery is impressive. Be sure and check the footbath facility at the viewing point. On the coastline at the tip of Cape Ashizuri where the heart-shaped cave mouth is located, a nature trail has been developed with a tunnel of camellias that you can go through. From winter to spring is the best time to see the flowers. You should definitely walk through it.

The Kochi specialty - Boushi Pan

Created in 1955, this is a specialty bread of Kochi that is loved even now. It is known as “Boushi Pan” (hat bread) because on top of the round bread some castella sponge cake dough is put so it looks like a hat.

The Municipal Seashell Gallery in Tosashimizu

A gallery that displays about 3,000 kinds of shellfish from the around the world, with 50,000 items. The original and modern architecture, designed by the female architect Masako Hayashi, is impressive.


Location/Access Ashizurimisaki, Tosashimizu-shi, Kōchi-ken (Hakusan Cave Mouth)
About 35 minutes by bus from Kochi Airport to Kochi Station → About two hours by train (Tosa Kuroshio Railway) from Kochi Station to Nakamura Station → About 45 minutes by bus from Nakamura Station to Tosashimizu → About 30 minutes by bus from Tosashimizu to Cape Ashizuri.
Inquiries Tosashimizu Tourism, Commerce & Industry Section, Head of Tourism
TEL +81-880-82-1212
The Seashell Gallery
TEL +81-880-85-0137

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