A fantastical illusion of lights on the rice terraces of Shiroyone

Scenes of stunning beauty that rival the world’s greatest works of art – only in Japan!

Shiroyone Senmaida

The Shiroyone Terraces in Wajima are a series of over 1000 small terraced rice fields stretching in geometric patterns down to the sea. From mid-October until mid-March, these terraces are host to ‘Aze no Kirameki,” an outdoor lighting event like no other. About 21,000 LED lights are placed along the footpaths between the fields, changing colors every 30 minutes and illuminating the darkness with a dazzling artistic display.

Waves of brilliant gold during the autumn harvest

Wajima’s Shiroyone Terraces are recognized as one of Japan’s 100 greatest rice terraces as well as a place of scenic beauty. The changing of the seasons brings out different aspects of that beauty, but perhaps the loveliest time of year is the autumn harvest, when the rice plants grow heavy with grain. In light of the setting sun over the Sea of Japan, the terraces shine with a brilliant golden hue – truly a sight to behold.

A living World Agricultural Heritage in the heart of Okunoto

The Shiroyone Terraces comprise 1004 rice fields of varying sizes arranged in geometric patterns and stair-stepping their way down the steep slope to the ocean. Because the fields can’t accommodate modern machinery, all the work from planting to harvest is done in the traditional manner, by hand. Together with the people of Okunoto who diligently cultivate them under difficult conditions, the terraces are recognized as a World Agriculture Heritage.

Wajima fugu

Wajima is known for its wild fugu (blowfish) catch, having previously led Japan for five years running (2011-2015). You can enjoy a full-course “Wajima fugu” meal in the city’s restaurants for a very reasonable price.

Wajima Kiriko Art Museum

Wajima’s Kiriko Art Museum displays kiriko lanterns used in the Noto Kiriko Festival (Wajima Taisai). The museum recreates the fantastical nighttime scenes of the real Kiriko Festival, complete with lighting effects and musical accompaniment.


Location/Access Shiroyone-machi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa-ken
About 2hour 30minute by rental car from Komatsu Airport
Inquiries Wajima City Tourism Association
TEL 0768-22-6588

Wajima Kiriko Art Museum
TEL 0768-22-7100

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