Sannai-Maruyama Special Historical Site

Scenes of stunning beauty that rival the world’s greatest works of art – only in Japan!

Soya Hills

Wakkanai, located at Hokkaido’s northern tip, is known as the Windy City for its blustery ocean gales. The wind turbines towering over the undulating Soya Hills outside the city offer a unique visual spectacle. Particularly in the early morning when the fog hangs low, and at dusk when the sky turns a deep red, the scene takes on a futuristic, almost surreal quality. Forget your daily cares and let your spirit run free as you immerse yourself in this picture-perfect vista!

Japan’s largest wind farm

The Soya Peninsula, surrounded by azure seas, is buffeted year-round by winds with an average speed of 7 m/s. It was to harness the power of this wind that the Soya Peninsula Wind Farm, a cluster of fifty-seven 1000-kilowatt wind turbines, began operations in 2005. Today, it still stands as Japan’s largest wind power facility.

The Soya Hills, a topographic legacy of the last Ice Age

The hinterlands of Wakkanai are characterized by a series of rolling hills. formed during the Würm period, the last ice age. Because of this, they are referred to as “periglacial” hills. It’s believed that this undulating ice-age topography was once found all over Hokkaido. But much of it has been destroyed by modern development, and the Soya Hills are one of the few remaining places where the striking periglacial landscape is preserved.

Wakkanai’s famous tako-shabu

Wakkanai boasts the biggest giant octopus catch in all of Japan. One of the most popular local ways to eat them is tako-shabu, in which pieces of octopus are dipped into boiling water shabu-shabu style.

Take a refreshing drive along the Ororon Line

The Ororon Line is a scenic coastal highway stretching between Ishikari in the south and the Soya Peninsula in the north. Enjoy the majesty of Hokkaido’s seas in one of Japan’s most picturesque drives.


Location/Access Soya Hills, Wakkanai-shi, Hokkaido
About 35m by bus from Asahikawa Airport to Asahikawa Station → about 4h by express train from Asahikawa Station to Wakkanai Station; alternatively, about 5hour 30minute by rental car from Asahikawa Airport
Inquiries Wakkanai City Hall Tourism and Exchange Section
TEL 0162-23-6468

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