Like a painting come to life! The dreamlike vista of Monet Pond

Scenes of stunning beauty that rival the world’s greatest works of art – only in Japan!

Monet Pond

On the grounds of Nemichi Shrine in Seki, Gifu, is an otherworldly pond whose crystal-clear waters are home to floating water lilies and brilliantly colored koi fish. Originally just another nameless pond, it came to be called “Monet Pond” in honor of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet for its resemblance to Monet’s painting “Water Lilies.” Every visit is a different experience; the color of the waters varies from deep blue to almost transparent depending on the weather, the time of day, and how the sunlight strikes it. But one thing never changes: its unparalleled natural beauty.

The secret origin story of Monet Pond

Monet Pond is constantly fed by spring water that stays cool year-round, and the hardness of that water inhibits the growth of microorganisms, resulting in exceptional clarity. It was originally a simple reservoir, but the owner of a neighboring flower shop thought it a shame to leave such a lovely pond looking so bare and planted water lilies. Thus, “Monet Pond” was born (or so people say). It experienced a boom in popularity thanks to social media and is now a popular spot to those in the know nationwide.

The hunt is on for a new star to replace the “Heart Koi”!

Some of the pond’s koi fish, glittering like jewels in the water, were raised from fry and provided by the local Itadori Nishikigoi Promotion Society. Monet Pond’s crystal-clear waters allow visitors to truly appreciate the brilliant colors and patterns of the koi. One of the pond’s top attractions was a koi with a heart-shaped pattern, but sadly the heart seems to have faded away as it’s grown older. If you happen to spot a cute new pattern, post it on social media and you might just set off a new craze!

Seki ayu-don

Seki ayu-don, a bowl of rice topped with sweetfish caught in the Nagara River, is a local delicacy. The dish can be enjoyed in a variety of styles, including deep-fried with miso and topped with special sauce.

Feather Museum

The Feather Museum offers visitors a close-up look at the blades that evolved into today’s razors. The giant glass-clad structure houses a large collection of historical artifacts from Japan and around the globe.


Location/Access 448 Itadori, Seki-shi, Gifu-ken (on the grounds of Nemichi Shrine)
About 1hour by train from Chubu Centrair International Airport to Gifu Station → about 1hour by rental car from Gifu Station
Inquiries Seki City Hall
TEL 0575-22-3131

Feather Museum
TEL 0575-22-1923

Seki ayu-don
TEL 0575-23-6726

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