Autumn leaves and the morning sun paint a fiery picture on the canvas of Lake Tsutanuma

Scenes of stunning beauty that rival the world’s greatest works of art – only in Japan!


Japan has many choice locations for viewing autumn foliage. But it’s hard to imagine a more breathtaking vista than Lake Tsutanuma in Towada, Aomori. The scenery here will leave you speechless, but the very best views are only to be had for a few hours each day when the sun first rises. The brightly colored mountain slopes, dyed crimson in the early morning sun, are reflected in the mirror-like surface of the lake, creating a fiery red landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Enjoy two different views of Lake Tsutanuma’s foliage each day

The peak viewing season for autumn foliage usually lasts from mid- to late October. The forests on the surrounding mountains consist mainly of beech trees, so their leaves are actually a distinctive yellowish color rather than red. The fiery crimson hue only reveals itself to us when the red light of the dawn sky works its magic. That said, the sight of the trees changing from red back to their natural golden yellow as the sun climbs higher is not to be missed, either.

Take a stroll down the Numameguri no Koji nature trail

Lake Tsutanuma is one of the seven Tsuta Lakes in Towada, alongside Kagaminuma, Tsukinuma, Naganuma, Suganuma, Hyotan-numa, and Akanuma. All of them except for Akanuma are connected by the Numameguri no Koji nature trail. Each lake has its own unique visual flavor, and you can savor all of them as you stroll down the trail, serenaded by wild birds.

Enjoy Towada barayaki, a signature local dish

Barayaki, a dish of beef flank steak and onions grilled in a salty-sweet sauce, is Towada’s version of soul food. It’s offered in over 60 different restaurants around the city.

The “Forest God,” Japan’s largest beech tree

Towada is home to the “Forest God,” a beech tree with a trunk diameter of over six meters. It’s recognized as the largest single tree in Japan by the Japanese Giant Tree and Forest Society.


Location/Access Okuse, Towada-shi, Aomori-ken
About 35minute by bus from Aomori Airport to Aomori Station → about 2hour 10minute by JR bus from Aomori Station to Tsuta Onsen
Inquiries Oirase Stream Museum
TEL 0176-74-1233

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