Photogenic deer in the winter Nara Park

Winter, get close to wildlife

Nara Park

The deer in Nara are the symbolic animals of Nara Park, in an area that has been registered as a World Heritage Site. In beautiful Nara, the herds of deer on the wintery fields that are lightly covered with snow are awe-inspiring and photogenic. The sound of a deep horn echoes through the cold and clear air, and this winter “shika-yose” deer call is not to be missed. Attracted by the sound, this gathering of many deer from the depths of the forest is spectacular.

The resounding sound of a horn at the Shika-yose deer call

The shika-yose deer call is a traditional event that began in 1892 with the ceremony marking the completion of the deer park. Every year it is organized by the Foundation for the Protection of Deer in Nara during the Nara Yamatoji Campaign in winter and summer. It is held at Tobihino on the premises of the Kasuga Grand Shrine (the south side of the path approaching the shrine). Participation is free. Enjoy taking commemorative photos of the gathering deer as the sound of the horn reverberates within the precinct of the shrine.

The snowy landscape of Sagiike Pond in Nara Park

Sagiike Pond on the south side of Nara Park is a scenic spot where those who visit can enjoy the seasonal scenery. The Ukimido Gazebo on the pond, which was built in 1916 and has been repaired in recent years, is beautiful with its cypress bark roof. While the scenery is famous for its cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, the winter landscape wrapped in snow is as beautiful as an ink drawing.

Asuka Nabe hot pot

A local dish in the Asuka region, chicken and vegetables are simmered in chicken broth with milk added. It is said to have its roots in ancient Japan, and is a Japanese style hot pot with milk.

Nara National Museum

It has a collection of masterpiece sculptures, paintings and handicrafts centering on Buddhist art. Including national treasures and important cultural properties, you can usually see about 100 Buddhist statues. You should also not miss the architectural beauty of the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall, the main building that was completed in the Meiji era.


Location/Access Nara Park, 30 Noborioji-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
About 1 hour and 5 to 10 minutes by Limousine Bus from Osaka International Airport (Kintetsu Nara Station, JR Nara Station).
Inquiries Nara Park Office.
TEL 0742-22-0375

Nara City Tourist Association
TEL 0742-22-3900

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