Lovely foxes in their soft and fluffy winter coats

Winter, get close to wildlife

Zao Fox Village

The Miyagi Zao Fox Village in Shiroishi, Miyagi Prefecture is a kingdom of foxes where over 100 foxes live comfortably in facilities built using the vast wonders of nature. It is open throughout the year, but during the cold winter the foxes grow fluffy winter coats of fur, and you can see them at their most lovely. Since they run free, you can have direct contact with them.

Photo credit: fox-info.net

A platinum fox sleeping on the snow

There are various foxes living in the village, including the north fox that is native to Hokkaido, the Japanese red fox that inhabits the island of Honshu, the mutant species silver fox, the cross fox that has the pattern of a cross on its back, the platinum fox that was bred through artificial mating (photo), and the Arctic fox that is covered with a pure white winter coat of fur that is like floss silk.

Observing the behavior of the foxes up close

Since it is an area where the foxes run free, you can get close to them. That is the biggest appeal of the Miyagi Zao Fox Village. What are the characteristics when they walk and jump? What kind of sounds do they make? What does it look like when they eat and sleep? How do the foxes communicate with each other? You can carefully observe the habits of the mysterious foxes.

Umen noodles

Shiroishi umen noodles, which have a history of about 400 years, are made without using oil, so they are easy to digest and have a simple flavor. Their length is about half that of Somen noodles. You can taste them at restaurants in the city of Shiroishi that specialize in this dish.

The Castle Tower of Shiroishi Castle

Shiroishi Castle is where Kojuro Katakura lived, the first Shiroishi feudal lord and a senior retainer of the Sendai Date clan. In 1995, it was restored based on ancient Japanese architectural styles, and the main attraction is the elegant three-story castle tower.


Location/Access Zao Fox Village: Fukuokayatsumiya, Shiroishi-shi, Miyagi Prefecture
Approximately 45 minutes by train from Sendai Airport (JR Shiroishi-Zao Station)
Opening hours 9:00 – 17:00.
During the winter (December 10 – March 15) it closes at 16:00 (last entry at 15:30).
Closed Wednesday
Inquiries Zao Fox Village
TEL 0224-24-8812

Shiroishi City Tourism Association
TEL 0224-26-2042

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