Encounter fluffy rabbits on a soothing island trip

Winter, get close to wildlife


About 15 minutes by boat from Tadanoumi Port in the city of Takehara in Hiroshima Prefecture. The island of Okunoshima in the Seto Inland Sea is a rabbit paradise where more than 700 wild rabbits live. The encounters with these cute rabbits are much talked on social media, and have attracted visitors from all over the world. This winter, what about taking a soothing trip to this small island and visiting the adorable rabbits?

Spots to enter rabbits on the island

The island of Okunoshima has a circumference of about 4 km. You can see lovely rabbits at the seashore, in the meadows, in the mountains and everywhere on the island. Among these, the place where the most rabbits gather is on the grass square in front of the island’s only lodging facility “Holiday Village Okunoshima”. The rabbits have become accustomed to visitors. When they gather at your feet, it may be the perfect chance to touch the cute rabbits.

The secret behind the origin of Rabbit Island

Why are there so many rabbits on the island of Okunoshima? There are various opinions, but the leading theory is that in the early 1970s the rabbits that were kept in the local elementary school were released into the wild and bred. The initial number of eight rabbits has now reached over 700.

Takehara potato octopus curry

A local specialty in Takehara, the steaming hot potatoes are topped with crispy fried octopus. You can taste it in the restaurant of Holiday Village Okunoshima.

Takehara townscape preservation district

This is the area in Takehara that has preserved the many remaining residences of merchants who prospered in the Edo period making salt and alcohol. You can enjoy walking around a townscape that makes you feel like you have slipped back in time.


Location/Access Okunoshima: Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture
By jumbo taxi it is about 25 minutes from Hiroshima Airport to JR Takehara Station. From JR Takehara Station it is about 10 minutes to Tadanoumi Station. From Tadanoumi Station it is about a five minute walk to Tadanoumi Port. From Tadanoumi Port it is about 15 minutes by boat.
Inquiries Takehara City Tourism Association
TEL 0846-22-4331

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